Snow road to Christmas.

As winter approaches, I have reproduced an article I did for a local newspaper back in December 2010 when temperatures plummeted to -15 Celsius. Snowmegeddon! It's the moment most motorists fear...the steering has gone light, the wheels are spinning, and the car is out of control and skidding on icy compacted snow. That's the hazard... Continue Reading →


Shelf life expectancy

The general public imagine police officers as fighting crime, chasing cars and locking up villains. Yes we do all of that.  But some of us also perform the duty of a family Liaison Officer.  A post volunteered for.  A traumatic and stressful position no doubt.  You see we are those officers that knock on your... Continue Reading →

A necessary evil.

With growing austerity police forces across the country are looking at ways to save money.  Quite rightly my own branch of policing has come under the spotlight.  Sadly, some forces have drastically reduced or even chopped their road policing units.  However, every force in this country is required to reduce KSI's (killed or seriously injured... Continue Reading →

Procedure…………. Speed offences.

I think whatever we do in life we are governed by procedure.  Do you get up in the morning at the same time, wash, shower, breakfast in a certain order? We are creatures of habit essentially.  A rather arbitrary introduction at present.  Courts and the law they oversee are also covered by procedure whether they... Continue Reading →

Too scared to speed.

Like many I watched the recent television documentary "Too scared to speed" concerning emergency response workers driving to incidents using their blue lights and sirens.  At the end of the program I drew two immediate conclusions. Firstly, the emergency workers shown in the programme who had been prosecuted deserved to be. Secondly, the documentary completely... Continue Reading →

One more for the road.

As Christmas approaches and forces up and down the country once again start their Christmas drink drive campaigns, here is a little food for thought.......... The Police Officer Today’s topic and a poignant one is the subject of driving a vehicle whilst drunk.  I don’t intend to try and find something good out of this... Continue Reading →

Welcome back

For those that used to follow this blog; for which I am eternally grateful, I have made the decision to once again comment on current road policing practises. For those new to this site, I hope it will be a source of information, education and occasionally a modicum of humour. As you know the stereotypical... Continue Reading →

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