Ten mile tailback.

In my police vehicle are a pair of binoculars........more about them later.  We have all been in that position, stuck in standing traffic for hours on end, getting frustrated and hot under the collar.  I was working Christmas day when the tragic events unfolded of a fatal RTC on the M6 motorway in Staffordshire.  The... Continue Reading →


It’s like trying to jump out of your own skin………

This post is a first for many reasons. The cat has been sick on my keyboard and as a result of cleaning it, it has now rendered my computer useless. Secondly I have now had to post this using my phone, very cosy. Thirdly I have never posted about depression. Perhaps considering the subject matter,... Continue Reading →

Visions of the future………

Trying to predict the future is always a difficult thing to do.  Even going back to the early 90's I remember when the internet first appeared I downloaded a a simple game at a rate of 300kb/sec, a blistering pace then.  Who would have thought now that the internet is an intregal part of our... Continue Reading →

I’m a leaf on the wind…….

I, like many of you watched the BBC program regarding cyclists and other road users.  Like many of you, I encountered a range of emotions I found myself experiencing.  As an experienced cyclist for over 3o years, some spent racing competitively and also havig a full time job as a a road policing officer I... Continue Reading →

Over in a second.

I am afraid to say that we play at road safety advertising in this country.  Below is a collection of adverts from various parts of the world regarding excess speed and drink driving.  I have to warn you all that some of them are very impactive. They speak for themselves.          ... Continue Reading →

The Black Arts………

Often referred to by Collision Investigators, the subject of Collision Investigation is a vast and complex subject.  The collision investigator can often be the most important witness in a criminal case.  Although police officers there sole over riding duty is not to their colleagues investigating a collision but to the court for they are treated... Continue Reading →

Unlawful killing.

I am but a humble foot soldier.  An operational police officer.  Schooled in all aspects of law, now specialising in road traffic law.  That does not make me an expert.  I have a working knowledge of the law, knowing enough to allow me to conduct myself on the roads of the UK.  If I need... Continue Reading →

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