Behind the times?

canabis leafThis latest rambling came as a result of a conversation on twitter the other night. The subject was Cannabis, whether to legalise it or decrimalise it? There is a difference and one Holland have embraced. It is still an offence to be in possession of Cannabis in Holland but they choose not to enforce the law. They have decriminalised it. Supplying the said same drug however in their country is a different matter and their powers are far reaching. Far more than in the United Kingdom.

In other European countries there drink/drug drive laws enable them to prosecute at the roadside and the driver lose their license there and then. The Road Traffic Act 1988 makes provision for this but to date there has been no devices approved by the Home Secretary to enable this to happen.

So what would be the consequences of decrimalising Cannabis?

Well the offences of possession would fall off to zero. A reduction of crime? But it is still an offence to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle whilst impaired through drink or drugs. So possession of Cannabis would essentially have a blind eye turned but smoke that evil smelling weed whilst driving then you are still liable for the most robust prison sentences.

So would I decrimalise Cannabis? NO. In my opinion Road traffic collisions would increase, as would those seriously injured or killed. I suspect this aspect of criminality has not been thought through. Yes offences of possession would reduce but offence’s of impairment would increase. That can only lead to a higher death rate on our roads.

Did no one think of this?


About Walk the Talk

I have been a Police Officer for 20 years. It’s fair to say I have just about seen it all. I have spent my service working major town centres on response seeing all that life can throw at a human being. But, for the last eight years I have been on the road policing unit in its various guises. It is on this unit that I have seen life transpire to deal its cruelest hand. Both as an investigating officer and a family liaison officer, I have witnessed tragedy that at times I am at a loss to understand and at worse comprehend. Wholly committed to saving lives, this is the role of the road policing officer. As I have gotten older and realising that my emotional sponge is saturated I have looked and taken a very real interest in personal wellbeing and how WE can make our life experience better what ever we do. Taking the media of blogging a stage further I now produce podcasts on that topic. Join me if you would on an evolving journey that no doubt will produce a few surprises along the way.
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