Walking the thin blue line……….

Describe the job description of a police Officer…… that would be a question I would ask of any prospective candidate wanting to join todays police service. Many varied answers would ensue, some brilliant, some dire. When I had my final interview with a superintendent and an inspector, the purpose of which was to vet the... Continue Reading →


Specialist or specialism?

It is an inescapable fact that police forces across the country are been asked to do more with less. Or at the very least maintain what they do with less. At some point over until 2015 and beyond, something will have to give. Whether that be a sea change on how the police deploy there... Continue Reading →

The Motorway

Having spent the last three years blogging about the motorway, it struck me that I haven’t actually told you about “the motorway” or as it is nick named by those that police it as “the slab.” Many things you will already know about the motorway and some things you will not. The first motorway to... Continue Reading →

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