Walking the thin blue line……….

Describe the job description of a police Officer…… that would be a question I would ask of any prospective candidate wanting to join todays police service.

Many varied answers would ensue, some brilliant, some dire. When I had my final interview with a superintendent and an inspector, the purpose of which was to vet the selection procedure that had propelled me thus far, it was to see if I had that quality, something paper tests or observations skills cannot show. The quality to lead, to take control, to keep calm when all around did not, to do the right thing, to keep going when everything told me to give up.

That was seventeen years ago…. I’m still here. I guess that superintendent and Inspector were a good judge of character.

These last two years have seen some monumental changes to the police in this country. Don’t expect me to criticize or lay blame. That is for other people to do, who have a louder voice and who can more make a difference.

To the police officers that would disagree then this is the point of this blog. We missed a trick in my opinion. We played politics when we should have concentrated, silently on the skills that make us the best police force in the world.

Our actions day in and day out should speak for us. The countless acts of selfless bravery; putting others before ourselves, whether that be the vagrant or our partners and children; running towards trouble when everyone else is running away; risking our own lives to save someone else’s.

We should continue these qualities, silently, respectfully and with inner pride.

When we joined, no one said it would be easy and indeed, only when it gets hard do we show the steel that makes us what we are. In my opinion we have, to some extent, lost sight slightly of who we are.

We have lost to some extent our pride, down trodden, under valued and at times vilified. No one said it would be easy. That’s why men and women of a certain quality do the job they do.

Knowing the qualities required and indeed possessed, then this could be our finest hour.

One man can’t change the world, but a man can change the world for one person.


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