Invest in yourself.

The Tales from the slab blog is about road policing. But every now and again it’s about the people that work the slab and all other emergency workers. For do we not bleed? Its fair to say that 2013 has been an awful year for one reason or another. Perhaps it has been a good... Continue Reading →


Moments that change your life.

Once in a while you read something that makes you stop. What makes it exceptional is the words. Not written by the hand but by the heart. Indeed, anyone who has been in a similar situation will recognise the fact that the writer must also have been there too. That is its power. And so,... Continue Reading →

Snow road to Christmas………

As winter yet again approaches, here is an article from December 2010 courtesy of The Blackpool Gazette and reporter Jacqui Morley. Snowmegeddon! It's the moment most motorists fear...the steering has gone light, the wheels are spinning, and the car is out of control and skidding on icy compacted snow. That's the hazard many face as... Continue Reading →

Officer down…..never forgotten.

Todays blog is a guest contribution and in my eyes a very important guest. I have never had that earth shattering radio transmission that is "Officer down." Whilst we accept that police officer's will lose their lives on duty, it is a thankfully rare occurrence that a police officer is murdered. Regretfully Mrs Lin Woodward... Continue Reading →

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