Welcome back.

During the start of this year, major changes in which, to be honest every police force in this country had to embrace made me realise that there was no longer a place for “Tales from the Slab.” After some persuasion I realised that there was still a place for this blog site, albeit with a completely different outlook.

I am still a traffic officer and I am still picking up the pieces, whether that be the lives of families or the limbs of those lost to those families. Yes, it is that stark.

But on the back of that is now my most pressing concern, that of Officers who on a daily basis see such scenes, don’t see their family on a basis that could be called healthy and are slowly but very definitely wearing themselves out.

So bear with me. I intend to explore that nightmare not only for the officers but as a consequence for the police service they work in.

Its nice to be back.


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