2014 …….. a time for reflection.

It is a little known fact that when a road policing officer stands in front of a mirror, they do not see their reflection. That being said as 2014 draws to a close we all inevitably start to reflect on events that have transpired in the year nearly gone and in doing so we ultimately... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is a whole new day.

As 2014 draws to a close and many of us look to 2015 as a new beginning we examine ourselves and strive to change for the better. Many aspects of our lives are still the same and will continue to be so, so change comes from not what we experience but in indeed how we... Continue Reading →


Morale. Its corporate, it’s collective. When moral dips, falls below the normal then it becomes a kind of corporate depression. Its affects everybody, indeed it infects everybody. From the bottom to the top and back down again. A lack of moral is a very quick wake up call for those in leadership. As it affects... Continue Reading →

LEADERSHIP: Manager vs Leader

What makes a good leader and what makes a good manager and what is the difference? Well you could also simplify the argument and say its the difference between the head and the heart. Why do I use this analogy? Well, what ever we do in life, whether your a high flyer or a production... Continue Reading →

LEADERSHIP: Who is in charge?

Any organisation that has to deal with major incidents whether that be the Police, Fire or Ambulance use a command and control system. For those not familiar with the structure, there follows a brief overview. A gold–silver–bronze command structure is used by emergency services of the United Kingdom to establish a hierarchical framework for the... Continue Reading →

LEADERSHIP: Your mate’s your boss.

My abiding regret in 18 years as a police officer is that I never went for promotion. As you get longer in service you see friends climbing up the ladder. Police Sergeant, Police Inspector; before you know it they have gold braid on their hats. I regret not going for promotion not because my friends... Continue Reading →

LEADERSHIP: An Introduction.

Well here we are. In the last series of blogs we covered Well Being. A subject in itself. But it is nothing to the subject of leadership! This is an introduction so this blog will be brief, more an index to kick off the subject as a whole. As I have always said, these are... Continue Reading →

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