PS 2136


In a break from leadership and well being I feel compelled to talk about 2136. For not only was he truly a leader of men, he was a friend to many, a trusted navigator to the senior management team and to my ever abiding privilege a friend of mine. He was also a shining example of what a leader should be.

2136 was a traffic sergeant. A lover of copious cups of tea. Always starting the morning with a cheery “Hello Sweet pea” 2136 would always welcome us into work with a cuppa. Often in the office before us. 2136 had a complete handle on what was going on in the sphere of road policing within our division. It is fair to say that 2136 was Mr Traffic and he held the respect of not only his team, but that of the divisional management team. His officers worked for him because they knew he could be trusted to lead them. They trully trusted him.

2136 was a fountain of knowledge and you could never catch him out with respects to road traffic law. Indeed, just as a son would go to his father, officers would often speak with 2136 to get guidance and an opinion. Rarely would 2136 be wrong.

And for many years that equilibrium maintained the status Quo. Then one day 2136 got cancer. He never complained. He continued to come into work until it got too much. Operation after operation, he still came in to work.

2136 died in 2014. A life taken too soon from a man too young. He counted amongst his police friends, traffic, neighbourhood policing, response and the senior management team.

I was fortunate enough to be one of those to be his pall bearers. A duty I was honoured to carry out with that of my colleagues yet hating every single moment. Proud yet grief stricken. Carrying his coffin into the church to a ” A nice cup of tea” Tears mixed with laughter. Missing his humour yet laughing at it at the same time.

It was very clear by the packed congregation that 2136 was and would be missed. A SMT officer gave the eulogy in a shaky voice, reflecting the loss of such a valued and loved officer.

And so I KNOW that 2136 goes to a better place and indeed he waits for not only his wife and family but for all his traffic officers under his command, not resting until they complete their end of tour.

Collar numbers are easily forgotten and too soon given out again. Well 2136 will not be forgotten. Because it is the number of a man. That man is Peter Beresford and I for one will ever miss him until once again we share a cup of tea together.


About Walk the Talk

I have been a Police Officer for 20 years. It’s fair to say I have just about seen it all. I have spent my service working major town centres on response seeing all that life can throw at a human being. But, for the last eight years I have been on the road policing unit in its various guises. It is on this unit that I have seen life transpire to deal its cruelest hand. Both as an investigating officer and a family liaison officer, I have witnessed tragedy that at times I am at a loss to understand and at worse comprehend. Wholly committed to saving lives, this is the role of the road policing officer. As I have gotten older and realising that my emotional sponge is saturated I have looked and taken a very real interest in personal wellbeing and how WE can make our life experience better what ever we do. Taking the media of blogging a stage further I now produce podcasts on that topic. Join me if you would on an evolving journey that no doubt will produce a few surprises along the way.
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2 Responses to PS 2136

  1. julieanneda says:

    What a touching tribute…

  2. Jon ardron says:

    To compliment a truly heart felt tribute, I can only say that I too carried my much respected and trusted friend on the day that I hold as the most memorable and proudest of my long service. We will all remember to ‘eat our pudding first’ as Pete would say…Keep the kettle warm,we shall all brew together again someday.

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