Ironically, its been a while since my last blog. The one overriding reason why this is so is because of time.  Too busy at work, too busy at home, too busy to post a blog.  In fact, sometimes you get so busy that there is no time to do anything at all.  No time to do anything?  So what have I been doing with my time, concerning myself with things that ultimately mean I have produced absolutely nothing!  Sounds absurd doesn’t it?  What could be so important, so demanding that has taken my precious time to labour nothing whatsoever.

The answer is I’m not so sure.  Only by keeping a diary would I know the answer to that and I certainly don’t have the time for that as well!  As you can see a vicious circle without a doubt.  The late MP Tony Benn was a prolific diary writer and he did it with one single reason in mind.  To squeeze every single minute out of the day, to use the time available in that day to its maximum.  Paradoxically that took time but the time he took in doing so freed up the rest of his day to be productive.

And so the subject of wellbeing rears it head once again.  Wellbeing takes time and it takes effort.  Effort eats time and the wait for results takes time. Time, every police officer doesn’t have because of optional commitments. Coming into work, a trayful of jobs outstanding, yet being turned out straight away to deal with yet another incident. Like the Dead Sea, water flowing in but not being able to escape, jobs fester just as the waters within that land locked lake.

I am going on my advanced driving refresher tomorrow.  A police driving test to check competencies. In the system of car control there are five stages: Information, position, speed, gear, acceleration.  The information stage continually runs through the other four stages. Taking, using and giving information is crucial to avoid a collision and that takes time. Taking time to assess the road conditions and whats up ahead to the limit point of what we see to be clear.  Drive too fast, reducing our time to assess and we could miss that information.  The inevitable conclusion is a crash.

So, we need to make time.  What an odd turn of phrase.   You can’t make time anymore than you can jump out of your own skin. Perhaps what we mean to say is to use our available time more efficiently. And by the way I am shortly to turn that phrase on its head as well.  Because my time is not your time and though you will read this blog in its entirety I am at the point at this very moment where I have not yet written the explanation and therefore at this very moment, my moment not yours, you do not have the answer. Kinda make sense? So where is this all going?

Well a bit of a scientific background to lay the foundations to what will hopefully be the conclusion.

Einstein laboured to produce his general theory of relativity, part of that being that time was a fourth dimension.  What has been proved is that time is affected by speed.  Basically and it is basic because I am not a scientist.  Atomic clocks have been synchronised, one being kept on earth, the other sent into orbit around the earth. Over time ( that constant again) it was shown that the clock in space ran slightly slower than the one on earth.  Speed affected time.

There are a growing number of scientists coming to the conclusion that time indeed does not exist at all except at the very moment in which we exist and even then it is our time within that moment and not yours or mine.

There is also a growing philosophy called “Mindfulness” or living in the moment. Taking some of its roots from Buddhism, a religion or following much older than Einstein!

Essentially it is the moment you live in now. While you think about that, that moment has now gone. It never existed. Where is the evidence of that except in your own memory. Your memory is merely a record of that moment.  And the future, well that hasn’t happen yet so that definitely doesn’t exist; just a prediction or expectation.

And so to your wellbeing where does that leave you and me?

Your wellbeing is now, not one second ago and not one second in the future. Because if you take on board the last few paragraphs they cease to exist. Why do we shackle ourselves with “what if’s” and “what could have been?”

And so your future wellbeing that has not yet come into existence depends wholly on what you do NOW.

Grab this moment that is available to you, it will never come by again.



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