An introduction to the new Well Being podcasts.

Do all paths lead to the same thing?

After several years of blogging  (which you can still find on this site should you wish to explore)  I have now moved into a medium that I have loved since I was a child and that is radio!. Except its no longer that crackly late night broadcast whose quality  depended as much as the quality of the weather as it did on the speakers it was listened through.

With the coming age of modern social media anyone can now be a radio star. But the whole point of this new project is not for you to read this narrative but to listen.

I invite you to follow me as I explore well being not only within the police service but in its wider contexts. And as with any open ended journey we may well at some point reach our  destination without realising it and continue on onto the other side. Perhaps that is where true learning and enlightenment exists?

Thanks for joining. I look forward to walking with you together.


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