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The Police Unity Tour 2015

The Police Unity Tour. What a simple yet perfect way to describe this years cycle ride supporting the charity COPS. Police….yes; Unity….. most definitely; Tour…. as close to riding in a peloton as you will you get! The Police Unity … Continue reading

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LEADERSHIP: Bridge to engine room.

As human beings we all have a life line, something we cling onto, indeed grasp onto with all our life, in order to survive. And so I have several questions for you. Which end of that rope are you holding … Continue reading

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LEADERSHIP: Manager vs Leader

What makes a good leader and what makes a good manager and what is the difference? Well you could also simplify the argument and say its the difference between the head and the heart. Why do I use this analogy? … Continue reading

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LEADERSHIP: Who is in charge?

Any organisation that has to deal with major incidents whether that be the Police, Fire or Ambulance use a command and control system. For those not familiar with the structure, there follows a brief overview. A gold–silver–bronze command structure is … Continue reading

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