The Police Unity Tour 2015

The Police Unity Tour. What a simple yet perfect way to describe this years cycle ride supporting the charity COPS. Police….yes; Unity….. most definitely; Tour…. as close to riding in a peloton as you will you get! The Police Unity Tour UK has been going for several years now but it was only this year... Continue Reading →


I’m a leaf on the wind…….

I, like many of you watched the BBC program regarding cyclists and other road users.  Like many of you, I encountered a range of emotions I found myself experiencing.  As an experienced cyclist for over 3o years, some spent racing competitively and also havig a full time job as a a road policing officer I... Continue Reading →

Too scared to speed.

Like many I watched the recent television documentary "Too scared to speed" concerning emergency response workers driving to incidents using their blue lights and sirens.  At the end of the program I drew two immediate conclusions. Firstly, the emergency workers shown in the programme who had been prosecuted deserved to be. Secondly, the documentary completely... Continue Reading →

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