The survival of the fitness

I'm no station sergeant tapping away on a typewriter that not only makes enough noise to reverberate through the nick or heavy enough to require a solidly built oak desk as desks were the. built in those days.  No, I am fast approaching 50 with 20 years in. Yes I joined relatively late but I... Continue Reading →


Carry on…….if you can

I have been meaning to post this for a while. The unfolding events of last night concerning the Boston Marathon brought my thoughts to the forefront. I am being assisted by @welshwallace. She is an inspiration and a person I admire immensely. Last week I went to visit my mother who is currently in hospital.... Continue Reading →

Welcome back

For those that used to follow this blog; for which I am eternally grateful, I have made the decision to once again comment on current road policing practises. For those new to this site, I hope it will be a source of information, education and occasionally a modicum of humour. As you know the stereotypical... Continue Reading →

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